Corona Courses:

Nav in the time of Corona


Looking for a fun way to get a little exercise?  Tired of being cooped up in the house?  Craving a fun outdoor outing or homeschool excursion with the whole family?

We at Quest Races hear your pleas.  We have created a series of practice navigation courses in the Bellingham area.  You can download the map and passport for free and head out into the local parks and hills.  Some of the checkpoints are close and easy to find.  Others are further afield and require getting off the beaten path.  You choose which points to get.

How It Works:

Step 1:  Print the map and passport and grab a compass (optional).

Step 2:  Get to start listed on the map.

Step 3:  Plan your route on the map.

Step 4:  Head towards your first checkpoint (CP).

Step 5:  Read passport description of CP.

Step 6:  Find CP.

Step 7:  Circle correct answer to question on the Passport.

Step 8:  Head to next CP and repeat steps 5 - 7.

Step 9:  Once you have got as many CP's as you want, email us and we will get you the passport key so you can check your work.

Step 10:  Have fun (this is the most important step).

Corona Course Options:

Fairhaven Park: 

15 checkpoints.  Bike or foot travel.

Checkpoints in any order.


Start in the main parking lot just off Chuckanut Drive.  Print out the Map and Passport and go have some fun.

         Map                            Passport

WWU and Sehome Hill:

15 checkpoints.  Foot travel only.

Checkpoints in any order.

Notes:  P 15 - Solid red line on map is accurate.  Ignore dashed lines near P 15.


Start at the flag poles in front of Wade King Recreation Center.  Print out the Map and Passport and go have some fun.

         Map                            Passport

Alabama Hill:

14 checkpoints.  Bike or foot travel

Checkpoints in any order.

Notes:  There are two maps, be sure to print both.


Start in Whatcom Falls Park on the stone bridge.  Print out the Map and Passport and go have some fun.

         Map                            Passport