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What is SwimRun?

The Basics:

SwimRun, as the name would imply involves swimming and running.  There are two big differences between a SwimRun and a Duathlon. 


First, in SwimRun, there are multiple stages of both swimming and running.  Due to the large number of transitions, you end up running in a wetsuit and swimming in running shoes. 


Secondly, SwimRun is a team sport.  You and your teammate have to stay within 10 m of each other through out the race.  So choose someone you really like hanging out with.

The History:

Swimrun is a sport that was born in the archipelagos of Sweden in 2006.  Since its inception, the sport has grown rapidly and now has a world series with the World Championships held every September in Sweden.


Otillo, the creators of Swimrun describe it this way…

“The team alternates between running and swimming along a pre-marked course in nature; it can be between islands or between lakes. As a team you share the experience, the fun, the beauty and the suffering. Swimrun is emotion!”


SwimRun Teams

SwimRun was founded on the principle of teamwork.  All elite competitions, including Odyssey Swimrun long courses and Otillo World Championships and qualifiers, are raced only as teams of 2. Each team travels together, STAY WITH IN 10 M of each other throughout the entire event.  Many teams will use a tow system, although it is not required.  

SwimRun Solo

Yes you can race solo.  We understand that it can be challenging to find a teammate, and even if you have teammate, injuries happen.  In order to race solo, you will be REQUIRED TO HAVE A SWIM BUOY (or Rest Tube) with you throughout the race.  This provides an added margin of safety and also alerts our safety folk that you didn't ditch your partner some where out on the course.

SwimRun Equipment

We will provide:

  • Swim Caps

  • Race Maps

Required Equipment:

  • Wetsuit – The water is going to be pretty chilly, so be prepared.  (We will allow you to go without a wetsuit, but we strongly recommend one)

    • SwimRun specific wetsuits are recommended, but any triathlon wetsuit will suffice.

    • Synergy Swimrun Wetsuit  - Synergy is offering a 25% discount plus free shipping through our sponsor  Swimrun Labs.  Use code:  SRLABS25

  • Shoes – Running shoes that can handle trails.

  • Swim Goggles – Any swim goggle that fits your face are fine.

  • Whistle – one per person

  • Solo Racers - Swim buoy.

Banned Items:

  • Propellers
  • Jet packs


Optional Accessories:  Other items that are allowed.

  • Pull Buoy – You have to carry it for the entire race, but many people like the added buoyancy, and giving their legs a rest on the swim
  • Swimming Hand Paddles – Again, you will have to carry them while you run as well, but they can help on the swim.

  • Gloves – Keep those fingers warm

  • Foot Insulation – Liners or socks to keep the toes warm in the cold water.

  • Tow line – This is a team event, and it is not uncommon to have one team member stronger in the run, and the other team member stronger in the swim.  Utilize teamwork and assist the weaker member with a tow.  A 6’ – 8’ chunk of ¼” bungy works great.

  • Waist Belt – a small pack to carry a little snack can be a nice addition.

Photo of the setup – and a bit of Scottish humor, check out the Loch Gu Loch.

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