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Adventure Racing Rules

All participants shall be good ambassadors of our sports and events by demonstrating the following good behavior.


Participant Code of Conduct

I will:

•  Play nice with my fellow racers.

•  Be respectful of others using parks, trails, waterways and public spaces.

•  Give thanks (& a shout out) to the volunteers.

•  Be a good ambassador (volunteer for trail or park work or at other local events).

•  Not litter – pack it in, pack it out (or dispose in appropriate containers).

•  Inform an official if I withdraw from the event.

•  Follow all race rules and adhere to sport specific safety guidelines.



Official Race Rules           

1. All racers are viewed as ambassadors for the sport of Adventure Racing, and as such will treat all other trail users, other racers, and officials with courtesy and respect at all times.
PENALTY: Strict penalties will be assessed for un-sportsman like behavior based on the infraction


2. Teams must assist fellow teams in need of medical attention.
PENALTY: Strict penalties will be assessed for non-assistance based on the infraction.


3. NO LITTERING! Leave no trace!
PENALTY: 2 hrs per infraction.


4. Teams must always remain within 25 yards of teammates & within visual contact.
PENALTY: First offense 2 hours or loss of CP (director discretion)/ 2nd offense Disqualification.


5. All team members must check in together at each checkpoint and TA. If one member must leave the course, they must do so at a CP or TA and notify race management. The diminished team may continue unofficially.  If a team leaves a teammate out on the course that team will be immediately disqualified and not allowed to continue.
PENALTY:  Disqualification


6. Passports must be carried the entire race.
PENALTY: Lost passport – Disqualification.


7. Teams must punch passport in correct space at each CP.
PENALTY: The longer of 10 minutes or however long it takes race officials to straighten out your mistake.


8. Race officials reserve the right to alter time cut-offs or the course itself to accommodate changing conditions and to ensure that teams finish on time. If your team is re-routed or there are other course changes, teams must sign the check-in sheet to acknowledge they understand the course change.


9. Mandatory gear must be carried at all times and will be checked on the course.
PENALTY: 2 hours for each piece of missing gear.


10. No GPS of any kind are allowed.  Smart phones in GPS mode are still GPS’s
PENALTY: Disqualification.


11. PFD’S must be worn at all times while paddling.
PENALTY: For not wearing PFD – Disqualification.

12. Bicycle helmets are required at all times during the bicycle and when specifically directed by race officials.
PENALTY: For not wearing bike helmet – Disqualification


13. Racers must follow Rules of Travel as outlined in Course Instructions and per trail signs and markers. Where no specific path is designated, teams select their path between CPs. When instructions designate a specific route, teams must follow that path.

PENALTY: For travel on forbidden roads or violating Rules of Travel first offense 2 hours / 2nd offense – Disqualification


14. This is a self-supported race.  Racers are responsible for their own food throughout the event.  There is water available at points along the course, and those are marked on the race maps.  Athletes may not receive outside assistance except from Race Officials & other registered teams.

PENALTY: Disqualification


15. Any time penalties will be added to the team’s finishing time, except for the Top 10 placing teams, which will be served on the course if possible.


16. Race officials reserve the right to remove a team from the course for health, safety or other reasons, at the discretion of race officials and medical personnel.


17. Any team withdrawing from the race must notify a “live” person by checking in with a CP or TA volunteer or by calling the race director. Failing to notify race officials will result in that team being responsible for all search and rescue expenses.


18. The K.A.S.H.E. Clause (aka. time cut off): Named in honor of Team K.A.S.H.E. Flow (who at the 2014 Island Quest successfully hit all check points on the Expert (12 Hr) course in a mere 15 hours), Quest Adventure Races are happy to introduce an official Time Cut-Off policy.
Your Team’s placement at a Quest Adventure Race will be based primarily on the number of Checkpoints you successfully reach.  If multiple teams acquire an equal number of checkpoints, then time will be used as the tie breaker.  
Quest Adventure Races will have posted cut off times on all races (i.e. 6 hrs for the Recreation Race). 

PENALTY: For every minute passed the designated cut off time you reach the finish, you will loose one checkpoint.  In other words, “Don’t be late”.


19. Any protest must be filed in writing within one hour of the team’s finish and will be reviewed by the Race Committee.
* All time penalties are based on the 12 hour race.  6 hour race time penalties will be half of those specified above

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