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12 HR Equipment List

Mandatory Gear: 

Individual Gear (must be carried by each participant at all times)

__Head Lamp (water resistant)

__Spare batteries (one set for Head lamp)


__Survival mirror

__Space Blanket

__Hydration system (minimum 1.5L)

__Hat (beanie style, aka. tuque, aka. ski hat, it is the Northwest)

__Water Proof Coat (Again, it is the Northwest)

__Sun Screen


Team Gear (Each team must have at all times)

__Waterproof Map Case

__First Aid Kit (Sterile Wipes (alcohol/iodine) x 4, Adhesive Bandages (band aids) x 6, Antibacterial Ointment, Gauze Pad (4×4) x 2, Duct tape x 3          ft, Any specific meds you might need/want: ie. ibuprofen, epi, diphenhydramine, etc.)

__Compasses (at least one spare)

__ Pen (for marking your passport)


Kayaking List:  must be carried during all kayaking legs

__Kayak (Closed cockpit.  No surf skis or sit on tops)

__Type III PFD’s (no inflatable PFD’s allowed)

__Dry Bag (capable of fitting, and keeping teams spare clothes dry)

__Bilge Pump (one per team)


Mt. Bike List:  must be carried during all Mt. Biking legs.

__Extra tube or patch kit (1 per team)

__Tire pump manual or CO2 (1 per team)

__Repair Kit or multi tool, tire levers, and allen wrench set (one per team)

__Bike Helmet with chin strap (every team member)


Recommended Gear:

__Hat with brim

__Poly pro or fleece layers, with spares

__Neoprene booties and gloves for kayaking legs

__Sun glasses

__Camera – you will be in some amazingly beautiful spots

__$20 dollars to buy food in a pinch

__Any prescription meds you need

__Food, lots of it


Things to Avoid:  The Naughty List

__GPS – a very big no no

__Night Vision Goggles – save those for your paint ball excursions

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