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Island Quest 2018

Island Quest 2018

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Experience the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State like never before. Island Quest is the only adventure race to take advantage of the amazing venue that the 175 islands in the San Juan chain provide. From rugged coastline, to granite-capped mountains, the San Juans are truly an adventure racing paradise.


Finding the best route through the course is up to you. You will navigate a series of checkpoints to make your way from start to finish on the race.  The 12 hr event will involve trekking, mt. biking, and sea kayaking.  Island Quest 2018 will also have a 3 hr option that will be a fast paced trek and mt. bike.  Where’s the course? You’ll get that information a half hour before the race begins!

At Island Quest Adventure Race you are given maps with checkpoints identified 30 minutes before the start. It’s up to you and your team to decide the routes you take.  New to the scene? Try the 3 hour course that includes mountain biking and trekking. Seasoned or adventurous thrill-seekers try the 12 hour course for kayaking in addition to mountain biking and trekking.  

3 Hr Race

Perfect for those new to adventure racing or for those who haven't done it in a while.  The 3 HR Race involves navigation, mt. biking, and trekking.  Team size can be 1 - 4 people.  This is a fun and fast paced event with numerous checkpoints in both disciplines.  This is a choose your own adventure type race, with all checkpoints being optional.  But if you want to win, you better get them all.  Come out and see what adventure racing is all about.

12 HR Race

Looking to really test your limits?  Than the 12 HR Race has your and your teammates (Team size 2 - 4 people) names all over it.  Navigating between a series of checkpoints using only map and compass, you will mt. bike, trek, and kayak as a team.  This is very much a choose your own adventure course, as checkpoints are all optional.  But if you want to win, you better get them all.  Come see what you and your friends are really capable of.

Bicycle Rental

We are working to find suitable bike rentals.  More info soon.

Kayak Rental

San Juan Outfitters

SJO will once again be renting kayaks for racers.  You can reserve and pay for you kayak when you register.


Stay with us at Roche Harbor Resort, or one of the numerous other lodging and camping options on San Juan Island 

San Juan Island is only accessible via Washington State Ferry, or plane.  Make you reservations to ensure an easy and stress free trip.

Island Quest AR Time Line

Saturday:       12 Hour AR
                        Registration Open:  05:15 - 05:30
                        Pre-Race Meeting:  05:45 - 06:15
                        Race Start:  06:30 (yes it will be dark, and you need lights)
                        First Finisher:  17:00
                        Course Closes:  18:30
Saturday:       3 Hour AR
                        Registration Open:  07:30 - 08:00
                        Pre-Race Meeting:  08:00 - 08:45
                        Race Start:  9:00
                        First Finisher:  11:30
                        Course Closes:  12:00

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